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Consumer Wallets Strong, Rate Hikes Long, What Could Go Wrong?

Consumer Wallets Strong, Rate Hikes Long, What Could Go Wrong?

October 02, 2023

Consumer wallets and balance sheets remain flush with cash as employment remains near record-high levels. Cash in consumer wallets and money in the bank help the economy keep chugging along at a healthy clip. More specifically, as you can see in the chart below, the net worth of U.S. households´╗┐ has reached a record $154.3 trillion dollars in the most recent month, thanks to appreciation in stocks, gains in real estate, and relatively stable levels of debt.

Source: Calafia Beach Pundit

Unemployment Remains Low

In addition, the unemployment rate is sitting at 3.8%, near multi-decade lows (see chart below).

Source: Trading Economics

As long as consumers continue to hold a job, they will continue spending to buoy economic activity – remember, consumer spending accounts for roughly 70% of our country’s economic activity. Case in point are the most recently released GDP (Gross Domestic Product) forecasts by the Atlanta Federal Reserve, which show 3rd quarter GDP growth estimated at a 4.9% rate (see chart below).

Rates Up, Housing Prices Up?

Yes, it’s true, despite a dramatic surge in mortgage rates over the last few years, the housing market remains strong due to a very tight supply of homes available for sale. Most homeowners with a mortgage have refinanced to a rate in the range of 3% (or in some cases even lower), so selling and moving into a new home with a  of 7.3% is not that appealing. In other words, if you decide to move, your monthly mortgage payment could potentially go up by more > 50%, which could equate to thousands of dollars per month. Under this scenario, you are likely to stay put and not sell your home.

Source: Trading Economics

The embedded economic disincentive of selling a home with a mortgage has really put a real crimp on the supply of homes available for sale (chart below). As you can see, the inventory of homes´╗┐ has dramatically collapsed from a peak of about four million homes, circa the 2008 Financial Crisis, to around one million homes today.

Source: Trading Economics

In the face of this mixed data, the stock market finished a hot summer with a cool whimper last month, in large part due to a 0.49% increase in the 10-Year Treasury Note yield to 4.58% (see chart below). The S&P 500 index fell -4.9% for the month, the technology-heavy NASDAQ index dropped even further by -5.8%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average outperformed, down -3.5% for the month. Worth noting, however, the Dow has significantly underperformed the other indexes so far this year.

Source: Trading Economics

Inflation on the Mend

The Fed continues to talk tough about fighting inflation after taking interest rates from 0% to 5.5% over the last two years, nevertheless inflation continues to come down. The Fed’s go-to Core PCE inflation datapoint that came out last Friday at +0.1% is consistent with the downward inflation trend we have been witnessing for many months now (see chart below). As you can see, inflation on annualized basis has reached 2.2%, nearly achieving the Federal Reserve’s target of 2.0%.

Source: The Wall Street Journal and Commerce Department

There is never a shortage of investor concerns. Today, worries include Federal Reserve policy; restarting of school loan repayments (after a three-year hiatus); a potential government shutdown; an auto and Hollywood strike; higher oil prices; and a presidential election that is heating up. Many of these worries are nothing new. The bull market took a pause for the month, but consumer wallets remain fat, the economy keeps chugging, the employment picture remains strong, and stock prices remain up +12% for the year (S&P 500). For the time being, betting on a soft economic landing over an imminent recession could be a winning use for that cash in your wallet.

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